October 23, 2020

Virunga under fire, again

Virunga under fire, again

On June the 24th the park of Virunga, situated in North Kivu (Congo) was attacked, once again.

Five rangers have been seriously wounded during the attack and the aggressors have not been yet identified. The investigations about the incident are still reserved and the news about the attackers are currently classified.

The five rangers have been transferred in a hospital in Goma for medical treatment, this information has been released from the National Park’s communicators last night. These kinds of attacks are getting more and more common in the area due to social and economical instability along with exploitation interests by various parties.

Virunga National Park is facing a deep phase of recovery from these attacks, the last one stroke in April and killed 13 Rangers and 5 civilians. This time no lives were taken but the situation of 4 of the victims is very critical.

The attacks keep on striking cowardly the rangers and they don’t face them openly. It seems as if the main idea behind these aggressions is to nurture terror and to weaken the determination of the defenders of the park.


We stand with Virunga!

We stand with Congo!

Do not surrender!