October 23, 2020

Libya’s ceasefire could set a precedent for Syria

Libya’s ceasefire could set a precedent for Syria

The world has witnessed one of the biggest conflicts of the decade between Russia and Turkey over Libya and Syria but the recent announcement of the Libyan ceasefire may help to create a hope path for a ceasefire in Syria, for this purpose members from GNA (Government of National Accord) and Libyan parliament met in Morocco. The United Nations will keep an eye on this as they want Libyan people to decide their future in autonomy and foster this dynamic.

The current situation is very different in Syria. Libya is now being ruled by two different governments with have both gained vast public support. But, if Syria on one side is ruled by the Assad regime which is supported by Russia and Iran, the other side is controlled by militants, rebels, federalists, or different non identified groups of influence. They are supported by Turkey and many other Arab states. So ceasefire is a very difficult task in Syria. Turkey is negotiating with Russia for a possible military action against HTS in Syria as Turkey got its own interest in Syria, especially in the region of Idlib.

Recently, the Russian Federation hosted a private meeting between SDF, SDC, and People’s Will Party that it supports. The Syrian democratic council (SDC) wants to keep its strong relationship with Russia in order to keep an eye on Turkey as they cannot pursue this task independently.

President Trump is also in favor of a ceasefire, but this cannot take place until both US and Iran agree for talks over Syria which is not going to happen as none of the sides desires to bow down in front of the other. The United States have lost too many precious lives in the Syrian war. The US is always hungry for oil but in Syria, there is not enough oil to compensate for the losses so Peace is the only solution and Syria should learn from Libya. Russia and Turkey both got their interested but none of the side is looking for a ceasefire which is resulting in the lost of innocent lives.