October 23, 2020

Trump VS Biden – no holds barred battle

Trump VS Biden – no holds barred battle

The first live debate, directed by Fox News, between Donald Trump and Joe Biden, ahead of the upcoming US presidential elections, ended amid mutual accusations and offenses.

This epic confrontation between Republicans and Democrats and between the two candidates for leadership of the United States is getting more bitter every day. The meeting lasted over 96 minutes and took place almost completely between mutual accusations, insults, continuous interruptions, and ended almost in nothing. No clear conclusive picture of the American situation emerged, which is currently very complicated not only due to the strong spread of the Coronavirus but due to internal social problems, as well as the dangers associated with foreign policy choices.

“Everyone knows that President Trump is a liar and a clown” – said Biden – “you are the worst president in American history” – he continued. The Democratic candidate even referred to the current US President as “Putin’s dog”.

For his part, Trump certainly did not stand by, labeling Biden as an “unintelligent person and mere puppet in the hands of the radical left side”. He later reminded his adversary that his own son was accused of having collected millions of dollars from the Russians. The Democratic candidate cut off this parenthesis by justifying that it is more important to discuss the American voters who are suffering, rather than his family affairs.

Equally heated was the “debate” on the difficult situation of the social conflicts that have raged in the United States for a few months. Even on this important point, in addition to the ordinary offenses and accusations, no concrete proposal has been reached for his solution.

The only true result that emerges from this debate is the exasperation of many American citizens (and not only) who have gone wild on social media to condemn the general situation. These elections, more than ever, will not only mark the future of the United States of America but will also influence many other states in the world. We cannot forget that many countries are closely connected, directly and indirectly, to the decisions of the giant with “stars and stripes”.

The world remains in suspense, not only because of the already harsh situation dictated by the restrictions linked to the global pandemic but because it now seems clear that concrete solutions are not possible almost everywhere. The times when the leaders of the earth managed to put aside their differences during a national emergency, bringing together all citizens in the common struggle against the problem, seem so distant.

Whatever the result of the elections will be, one thing is certain: the coming year will bring new twists and great events that will mark the future of today’s society.

God bless humanity.

Adriano Margarone

for P.S.W.

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