October 26, 2020

Africa Interviews

Africa Interviews

This collection of interviews and articles, conducted by Andrea Silvestri (READ MORE) for P.S.W., deals with different themes of the African continent. 

Poaching, conservation, security, geopolitics. 

Africa tells the world through its actors on the field.

Ordinary people who fight important and global problems, often sacrificing everything, for one of the most enchanting continents on earth.

One planet, one humanity, one house.

Andrea Silvestri

Andrea Silvestri, Italian but raised in South Africa, has been studying for about six years in Turin and in other areas of the world (New York, Abu Dhabi, Israel, Senegal…).

Along with his bachelor degree in foreign languages and his master’s degree in Anthropology, he has conducted numerous international events and research in various fields.

In most of his journeys abroad, security was always the main concern.